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He’s so excited…. I’m so confused!

Pedro Almodovar releases his new movie I’m So Excited, in a flurry of publicity, but misses the mark. 

A new movie by Almodovar is worth noting.  As director and writer of All About My Mother (1999), Talk To Her (2002), Volver (2006), and a favourite of mine, Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (1988), he has distinguished himself as a very fine film maker, who can tackle serious subjects, as well as comedy, with a sharp eye and an ability to view life “on the angle”.


I’m So Excited shouted to me, from the camp colourful posters strewn all over the tube, and with so many lame comedies released out of the U.S., I held out great hope for this 90 minute movie with a cast of crazy characters who find themselves on a plane with faulty landing gear.  It seemed that the premise was ripe for lots of comedy but this movie is just not funny!

It made me wonder what must go through the mind of a director, as he watches his movie pieced together through an editing process, only to find that the scenes he has captured on film aren’t playing out as planned.  In many cases, there are re-writes and re-shoots, and new edits that emerge; new versions of the same film that are improvements on the last.  But, this movie is such a dud that I’m at a loss to offer any advice on how to fix it.  There are no boring or slow parts… it’s all boring and slow.

ImageThe flimsy premise centres around how the economy class passengers are drugged, to save them from hysteria, while the first class passengers have a drug-fuelled party, up the front of the plane.  This is meant to be an analogy of the recent financial crisis that swept the world; the millions of ordinary people slept while the bankers had a great time.  The characters are not developed well.  I’d go so far as to say that one of the back stories seems to be from an entirely different film.  And even when the gay flight attendants launch into an impromptu performance of the Pointer Sisters classic song it falls flat because it is just too long.

Let’s hope that whatever it is that Mr Amodovar decides to make his next project that it is a script that puts him back on target.  This is a miss.

Watch the trailer here!  

One comment on “He’s so excited…. I’m so confused!

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