John Bowles is a respected tv presenter, theatre and concert performer.

VIDEO: Backstage at Epstein (the play) with Andrew Lancel

John Bowles goes backstage, at The Leicester Square Theatre, to interview the two stars, Andrew Lancel and Will Finlason.

Epstein, the play, directed by Jen Heyes, lets us into the private world of a very famous man; a man that the world knows so little about.

Andrew Sherlock has written an engaging script that answers many questions about Brian Epstein, but this clever play raises many more, and leaves the audience better acquainted and even more fascinated by the “man who made the beatles”.

Andrew Lancel is so convincing as Brian Epstein that it is hard to imagine another actor taking on the role.  His is a tour-de-force performance.  Will Finlason, who plays ‘This Boy’ matches Andrew pound for pound, in a role that surely telegraphs to the world that this young actor is going places.

Epstein – The Man Who Made The Beatles, presented by Bill Elms and Jen Heyes Productions, is playing at The Leicester Square Theatre until September 6th, 2014.  Go see it!






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