John Bowles is a respected tv presenter, theatre and concert performer.

REVIEW: Mr Turner & Mr Turing for Oscars?

This week sees the release of two cracking new movies…. and place a bet that both leading British actors will be seen at the Oscars next April!

‘Mr Turner’ is a film expertly directed by Mike Leigh that studies the later life of master painter J.M.W. Turner, and to say that Timothy Spall has got under the skin of this character is an understatement.  He went so far as to learn to paint in Turner’s style.  Some of Spall’s pieces are on show.  The period drama is both fascinating, detailed and emotionally charged with a fine performance by Dorothy Atkinson and Lesley Manville as the two women in Mr Turner’s life.

Benedict Cumberbatch puts in another top-flight performance in ‘The Imitation Game’ playing Alan Turing; the man who cracked the Enigma code that was used by the Germans and changed the course of the Second World War.  As with Mr Turner, this film deals with a fascinating subject, and better yet, it starts with a fine script, which is sometimes very funny and other times filled with suspense.  Keira Knightley plays Turing’s future wife and matches Cumberbatch’s star quality.  You can’t miss Charles Dance, who has recently made something of a comeback,  and features in a supporting role worth the cost of the ticket.

Both films deal with intriguing central characters.  It’s good to see such fine scripts being played out on the big screen with great confidence, finely crafted by directors Mortem Tyldum and Mike Leigh.  Go and see both these films because they will no doubt feature at the Oscars.  Could the ‘Best Actor’ nominations in 2015 include three British actors? Timothy Spall, Benedict Cumberbatch & Eddie Redmayne (yet to be seen in ‘The Theory of Everything’).

Have you seen either of the above movies yet?


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