John Bowles is a Mo Award winning performer, who started his career on Australian variety television as a young child star in the cast of Young Talent Time, from the age of 10-16yrs.

As an adult John’s career has encompassed many facets of the entertainment industry… stage, television, writing, directing, producing, and concert productions.

He has also founded and presented on the theatre website: LiveTheatreUK.  And he is currently writing a children’s musical.  

Storytelling has always been part of John’s extensive career.  At INSEAD (“Business School for the World” in Fontainebleau, France) John presents his Storytelling workshop using the principles of acting and performing to bring alive Storytelling for the business world.


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  1. Nice neat and straight forward outline John, good luck with the project


  2. Met John on a cruise & totally enjoyed him. He has a beautiful voice & is a very pleasant person. Would love to see him again.

  3. I am one of his biggest fans and love listening to him sing and perform whenever possible.

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