Business leaders greatest challenge…

2 responses to “Business leaders greatest challenge…”

  1. If business leaders would learn to use their voices it would be a great help and to realise that everything has an emotional content. the Brain cannot function and make output without it, Concepts form in one part of the brain then are referred to emotion before transmission. Therefore your listener reads the emotional content as well as the sound of the voice and its emotional content maybe nervousness and the quality and authority of the sound —— which does not mean shouting. Learning to control the voice is a major part of effective speaking. ________________________________

  2. ….so they can garden, read and travel in retirement!!!! ??

    Looks like you’re getting right into this new role now. Hope it’s all going well and they’re keeping you busy.

    Spring has sprung in NZ. Love this time as the fruit trees produce their soft blossoms. Back out we go after a quick lunch.

    Cheers, Geoff

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