Presenting a Storytelling Workshop at INSEAD
London’s Westend – Interviewing the cast of Titanic the Musical.

Interviewing Olivia Newton-John on morning TV in Australia.

JB performs
John Bowles editorial shot taken for print media.
John Bowles
Onstage in concert.
During rehearsals on tour.
In performance – The Peter Allen Songbook.
John Bowles, Tommy Dysart & Jon English – Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.
Gumbie Cat
Susan-Ann Walker & John Bowles (Munkustrap) in Cats – Hong Kong.
JB accompanied by David Cameron during sound check for Tenterfield Saddler at Hamer Hall
Rehearsing onstage with the maestro… David Cameron.
07 Jul-Hong Kong Phantom-Publicity launch
Launch of Phantom with Broadway’s Brad Little and Marni Raab, also Ana Marina.
05 Apr-Athens Cats-Backstage - Lorry & JB#2
Backstage in Athens Cats with fellow cast member Lorie D’Ercole (left).
"Just leave everything to me"
Hello Dolly promo shot, with Jill Perryman (Dolly), Gavin Andrews and Josephine Mitchell.
John Bowles & Ana-Marina in Phantom of The Opera (Taipei).
John Bowles – Television promo shot.
John Bowles backstage with Bert, Patti & Matt Newton.
John Bowles
In concert.
John Bowles as Raoul in Phantom of the Opera
Scene: Rooftop "All I Ask of You"
John Bowles as Raoul in Phantom of The Opera
Publicity Shot - Her Majesty's Theatre
John Bowles Promo shot.
John Bowles as a child star in Young Talent Time.
John Bowles, John Young and a Young Talent Time re-union.
John Bowles album cover shoot.


4 responses to “GALLERY”

  1. Boo Bowles online and loving your site. Gee youre clever!

  2. Saxon Parker Graham Avatar
    Saxon Parker Graham

    John is a great entertainer!!!!!!!!!!

  3. john Bowles is the most handsome male artist in Australia. No doubts at all !

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