Don’t underestimate the importance of breathing…

Talk to any singer, or actor, and ask them what their breathing technique means to them. It is at the core or their sense of self, and their ability to be agile and free enough to take on any role. Business professionals are often under a great deal of stress and in the course of their work they also take on many roles.

Active and proper breathing practiced so that it becomes a habit is one of the most effective, and simplest, ways to boost confidence and promote the sense of agility to take on the many roles that the business world requires.

Even science agrees and tells us that breathing psychologically increases us sense of well being and lowers stress. That’s great! However, I’m suggesting that we see it as a tool, just like an actor would. It does not have to be something that we do out of necessity… or do without thinking. It is can be used as a tool that can be practiced, improved, and utilised for the benefit of greater confidence and freer communication.

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