Whether in an intimate business meeting, or in front of a crowd, communicating with confidence is a skill that can be developed using trusted techniques and methods that allow you to relax and enjoy greater freedom and confidence.

This workshop focuses on practical techniques, as well as inspiring you to use storytelling in a compelling way, by concentrating on the ‘How, What & Why’ so that you will be able to ‘Take Your Stage’ in any environment; large or intimate.

John Bowles has spent his entire life Storytelling as an accomplished performer.  He literally grew up on a weekly television variety program in Australia; every Saturday night for six years, singing and dancing his way into the hearts of the Australian audiences from the age of ten.  He emerged as an adult theatre performer touring the world in major theatre productions like CATS and Phantom of the Opera.  

In his varied career he has also worked extensively in all aspects of the entertainment industry including, recording, producing, directing and presenting. 

In this thought-provoking workshop, John Bowles uses his extensive stage and television experience to both bring alive the practical techniques that will unlock your communication skills, and also give you greater confidence to use storytelling in compelling ways; an important foundation for you to use and develop your entire career.

John is currently working on an online application of his Storytelling Workshop will be available for individuals to subscribe to. There are plans for it to be available in the second half of 2020.

John Bowles presenting at INSEAD – The Business School for The World